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elks lodge baby. July 18, 2010

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In the midst of summer there sometimes arises something so awesomely bad, it’s just damn good. I experienced this today at the Elks Lodge.

I’ve been wanting to go to the Elks Lodge since I first saw it, lodged in between our local cemetery. It has such a kitschy look to it, I was dying to see what’s inside their God-loving, communism fearing doors. Luckily, my friend Glen is a member and has been asking me for weeks to go with the kids.

That’s right. Today we went.  It seems no one there has decided to update the decor since possibly the early 1970s, and the mixture of ancient old women by the pool sipping iced wine with the young and hip families playing with their kids made for a very fun and interesting afternoon.

We met up with Glen around 3 while the afternoon was still warm, and the kids jumped right into the pool. Maddie and her friend Sadie headed for the big pool filled with kids of all ages, and Glen and I took Luke into the toddler pool: 1-1.5 feet of watery heaven for Luke. Luke splashed around, swallowed probably a gallon of pee-filled pool water, and had the best time. Glen and I took turns alternately saving Luke from drowning and retrieving the little boogie board that other kids kept stealing from him. A birthday party in the background, older men grilling on the BBQ, and $1 sodas and 50c chips–doesn’t get much better than that.

After the pool the kids played on the ancient swing set and springy-horse things while Glen and I sat around and chatted. The sun was still so warm at even 5, and when we left, we felt a sense of belonging at this old, weirdly attractive lodge. Honestly, we can’t wait to go back. And get our own membership (for $150/year how can this be bad?). Elks Lodge, baby, for sure, that’s where the fun’s at.

So today I’m thankful for the Elks Lodge and all its interesting inhabitants. I’m also thankful for Glen who, as usual, was our benefactor of fun.


One Response to “elks lodge baby.”

  1. GEW Says:

    Are you going to join?! I read the Elks’ web site about membership indoctrination, and I got all weirded out!

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