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early morning beach fog. July 19, 2010

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I learned recently that our local beaches allow dogs to roam free until 10a.m. This morning, when we all woke around 7a.m., I knew what we were meant to do today. We put on some warm clothes and flip-flops, grabbed our dog, stopped for a coffee for me, picked up Maddie’s friend Sadie, and headed to the beach.

The foggy beach. Oh how I love a foggy, early morning beach. I love the cold wet mist on my face and the hard-packed sand. I love that practically no one is on the beach at that time and especially how spectacular and calming it is to stand under the pier, as a cloud of fog begins to lift.

I love that Maddie and Sadie get along so well, and jetted in front of Luke and I to talk about very important 11-year-old life events:

I love that one of Luke’s shoes fell off and he refused to put it back on or take the other one off. He chose, instead, to walk around with just that one shoe on for quite a while.

I love that Luke chased after his sister for almost the entire beach, trying desperately to catch up.

I love that there were these boats just sitting on the sand, close to the water with no owner in sight anywhere.

I loved that Maddie and Sadie decided to take Baily into the water and then Maddie fell in and was happy about it instead of mad. She laughed for at least 3 minutes straight.

I love my life.  I’m thankful for early morning beach fog and fun with the kids and dog.


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