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droid. July 21, 2010

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I am sorry Steve Jobs and Apple, but today I bought a Droid. You see, I am a Verizon user and though I don’t particularly like Verizon, in order to switch to your supposedly spectacular iPhone, it would have cost me A LOT of money to terminate my contract and then buy an iPhone. And since Tasha was in town yesterday, and we’ve decided to go on a family plan together to save money, we had to make the decision this morning before she headed back to the Bay area. Also, Mr. Jobs, Tasha is incredibly dissatisfied with her iPhone. For one, she isn’t getting any reception in the Bay area. Really, if you can’t get reception in San Francisco, then where else where there be problems with reception? I’m not a fan of dropped calls. Furthermore, Apple doesn’t offer insurance, so when an iPhone breaks, as it does often, according to Tasha, the owner must purchase a new phone at full price. With two kids, I have a feeling my phone might break more often than I may like, and I can’t afford to keep buying new phones.

Thus, Tasha made the decision to switch to Verizon and we happily bought new phones.

I have now entered the mobile and web enabled phone craze. I’m sorry to disappoint, Mr. Jobs. Change your cell service and I may reconsider.

Until then, I’m super-duper thankful for my new phone. It’s so cool to have web access wherever I go. Too bad I can’t seem to figure anything out yet. It’s a good thing I have a tech-savvy daughter who has done everything for me so far.

How does she know these things?


2 Responses to “droid.”

  1. GEW Says:

    I’m eager to see how you like the phone! As for technology, my five year old knows how to record movies on her digital camera. but I don’t. She figured it out herself. She really likes working on the computer. She likes the Starfall reading program and can navigate really well. Although if I get her going on Tom and Jerry on youtube, she usually ends up watching excerpts in other languages. A couple of days ago, she was watching the cartoon in Hindi.

    BTW, Do you want a little huffy with training wheels for Luke?

  2. tasha Says:

    iphones don’t break often. I break/lose iphones often.

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