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running love July 25, 2010

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Today was our city’s triathlon. I didn’t participate. I’m so thankful that I didn’t run.

I dropped out, besides the fact that I was ill-prepared to run very well, because I pulled a groin muscle. That’s right, a groin muscle running from my pelvis to my right thigh. Which really hurt for the first few days and then subsided into a pain shooting from my thigh to my hip to my spine every time I ran. This is annoying. What’s even more annoying is that I can’t expand my thigh. What I mean is that if I sit cross-legged, my right leg can’t bend down to the ground; actually, it can’t bend very far at all without a shooting pain. This has really upset my yoga practice, which requires all kinds of hip extensions. So I look a little weird, and am extremely uncomfortable,  as I sit in even simple poses like janu sirsasana because my right leg just can’t go down. And forget about doing any type of Vrksasana. Missing out on running was a bit sad, but this is what is really bumming me out, especially since yoga is the one workout I’m pretty good out. So, so, so frustrating.

But missing the triathlon? To be honest, I was so relieved I didn’t have to do it. The only difficult part was finding someone to take my place so I didn’t leave my teammates with a huge problem. But right away, I called my friend Mike, who agreed to do it, though he’s made it clear that I owe him big. REALLY BIG.

Mike was nervous because he hadn’t trained and said things like, “I’m just hoping to finish.”

Whatever. Mike finished the course in a few seconds over 22 minutes. He basically ran a 7 minute mile. And he was still a bit disappointed, saying, “Man. When I was in high school, I could’ve run that in like 17 minutes.”

Ummm…sorry to bum you out Mike, but high school was about 20 years ago, and a 7 minute mile is amazing. Plus, he made my team look really, really good, which I most certainly would not have done.

I’m thankful for Mike today. He’s as awesome of a runner as he is a friend. And I think we just agreed to train together for our city’s 1/2 marathon in October. I’m already scared.


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