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surf camp July 27, 2010

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Maddie started surf camp today, and though it only lasts 3 days, I’m thankful that she’s in it and enjoying her time.

This was a last-minute decision, and I’m thankful to a friend who told us about the camp. But then Maddie did not want to go (she went a few years ago and was miserably cold, which ruined the experience for her), but after some begging on my part and a quick phone call to her best friend who decided to go with Maddie, she reluctantly agreed.

Even though she was bitter that she had to get up so early (camp starts at 8a.m.), the complaints she had about how she was not going to like this–at all, and the off-hand comments about possibly dying from a shark attack when I sent her on her way, she was grinning from ear to ear when I picked her up, so happy, so excited, and so confident.

And that’s why I wanted her to do this camp–it’s a confidence builder. I don’t anticipate this experience will turn her into a full-fledged California surfer girl, nor do I expect her to be swimming out in the ocean. I do, however, want her to push her limits, not be afraid to try something that perhaps she didn’t like before, and to believe that she can be athletic at all kinds of sports.

And she wasn’t cold either (though I was):

(I know my camera has something on the lens, but it’s inside the camera, so it’ll have to be fixed. Which means shipping it to Illinois. I can wait.)


2 Responses to “surf camp”

  1. Denise Says:

    Way to go Maddie. Jailyn was to chicken to try it down south…I will have to rub it in her face. Just kidding. You look good on that board!

  2. GEW Says:

    Yay for Maddie! And I have never felt more confident about my physical self than when I was surfing every day. In truth, it affected all aspects of my confidence. I felt strong! And the ocean is SO cleansing, mentally and otherwise. Yay for Maddie! And good job rocking the last-minute logistics!

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