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toddler time July 28, 2010

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My sister took her son and Maddie to our county fair today, so I had her daughter Cate and Luke all to myself all day. I knew we were going to have some fun–some serious toddler fun.

We started off our day by going to see my good friend Matt play his kid music  (whom I wrote about here) for our local YMCA. We sat outside, in the shade and danced with all those cute YMCA kids:

(Matt playing to an enthusiastic young crowd,)

(Cate and Luke before they started dancing. And running. And heading off in two different directions. Exhausting.)

As much as we loved hearing Matt’s awesome songs, the toddlers got restless and so it was off to the park for a bit and then home for lunch and a nap.

After napping, I packed up the kids and took them to the university’s dairy farm, so we could see the cows get milked.

(Watching the cows walk into the milking station area)

(Look at all those cows. It’s kind of gross actually. And it smells. Bad. Really bad.)

(Cate watching the cows eat. Fascinating.)

(OMG. Cutest baby cow ever. I seriously want one.)

I had been promising the toddlers some pool time, and when I read the pool hours on the website I swear it said 5:30-7:30 recreational pool time. So we left the dairy farm with swimsuits in hand only to be met with severe disappointment–toddler disappointment no less–that there was only lap swimming during those times. Dismayed, I took the toddlers to the park again where they still had fun.

Toddler day flew by, and I’m thankful that we had such a good day together. It’s rare that I get the two toddlers to myself, and it’s really nice to be on their schedule enjoying what they like to do. I’m also thankful that my sister took Maddie to the fair–she had such a great time. After spending the morning at surf camp and the rest of the day at the fair, Maddie passed out at 8:30. And after a whole day of toddler time, I’m in bed as well, almost too exhausted to read (but I just go this new book from Amazon, Young Romantics, and I’m so excited to read it that I’m going to force my eyes open to read for just a bit. It’s a history of the Romantic poets Byron, Shelley, and Keats, focusing on “the tangled lives of English poetry’s greatest generation.” That mean this book is like 19th c. People magazine. LOVE the concept.)


3 Responses to “toddler time”

  1. Denise Says:

    I think you were a farmer in another life. I think you need to come live on some property up by me.

  2. Thanks for coming to the show. Glad you fit me into your toddler schedule, and that the milking of the cows could be equally entertaining…thinking about working that into my act. Next purchase cow trailer! Mooooving on.

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