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the garden grows August 1, 2010

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I have been avoiding my backyard all summer even though it’s been at the top of my to-do list. This is because my backyard is in a constant state of disarray. The grass keeps dying in certain places, the dogs poop all over, the deck is ugly and a mess, and by the end of winter and spring, everything just looks terrible out there.

I did plant a garden and have tended to it throughout the summer (though I did plant rather late in the season), and I have kept my lawn watered and mowed, but a few of my plants from last year succumbed to some weird fate when butterflies took over them and essentially sucked all the nutrients from them (or so the guy at Home Depot explained). And while I did fix all the broken little sprinklers, the grass had yet to be mended of its dark spots. And finally, my growing vegetable garden had not been weeded nor picked.

Until today. The perfect, long day to spend working on the yard.

The grass was mowed and finally some new sod went in (there’s still more areas that need it, but I took all the sod that Home Depot had to offer–a measly 5 pieces!):

Little plants were planted right next to the bigger plants from last year that survived this years great butterfly disaster:

Took care of the potted flowers Luke and I planted a few weeks ago (amazingly, he hasn’t pulled these out yet):

If you read this post then you’ll remember how small and tiny my garden was. Now look!

Tomato garden:

Tomatoes on the vine:

Tomatillos (the first time I’ve ever tried to grow these. I don’t care how they taste; they’re just beautiful to watch grow):

Squash, cucumber, and watermelon garden (I’ve never grown a watermelon before, and it shows….lots of flowers but no fruit yet!):

Everything else garden (eggplant, basil, beans, peppers, chives):

The result of all my hard work in the garden today (and it was hard work–I was covered in dirt and sweat):

(zucchini [the big one got too big. they don’t taste that good when they’re that big. damn], tomatoes [i’m growing 5 different kinds not including the tomatillos], lemon cucumbers, a white eggplant [don’t even remember planting that. good thing i keep the information from each plant], green beans, and 2 eggs from my chickens [clearly not from my garden but the chickens did roam around the yard while i worked]).

I’m pretty thankful for my little garden and the way the backyard is shaping up to look not so terrible (right before the end of summer too. Awesome planning and procrastinating on my part).


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  1. tasha Says:

    Wow I moved out to soon!

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