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Safe plane ride August 4, 2010

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I have a tremendous fear of flying.

I flew today. To Eugene, Oregon from Oakland, California.

We made it safely and I’m thankful for that (also because I always wear my lucky underwear–more on that later).

I’m also thankful–again–for my new droid since where I’m staying for the night doesn’t have internet connection (again…why must some of my friends live in the dark ages?).

I’ll update more and post pics when I can get to civilization (I.e. somewhere with wifi).


Now that I’m at a place with Wifi, I can spend some more time detailing a few things.

Flying: I hate it. Hate it. HATE IT. But I do it, with as much regularity as I possibly can. To not fly would mean grounding myself and only going where a car can take me. This means living, at least to me, a boring life. So even though I’m a total wreck to fly with, I still do it. And always thankful when I make it safely.

Lucky underwear: Look, I really don’t know why these underwear are lucky to me. It’s just dumb superstition, but the first time I got the courage to fly (since I was younger), I was 17 and I wore these underwear and I swore to myself that it was because of these stupid underwear. I know, I’m so, so, so dumb. But now, I wear them every time I fly. By the way, I bought them when I was 15; I’m 34. That makes them almost 20 years old. They are falling apart BUT again, I only wear them when I fly. As sad as this is, I haven’t crashed yet. Basically, it makes me feel better!

Flying with my kids: This is the third time I’ve flown with the kids: once to Portland 2 summers ago when Luke was only 5 months old; last year to New York; and again this time to Eugene. As both kids keep getting older, the situation changes.

Like chasing Luke through the airport:

Looking out the window as Luke stares in awe at the plane we’re about to board:

Settling Luke in his own chair with my computer so he could watch some TV shows (Max and Ruby) since he cannot run around the plane!

Maddie entertaining herself as well with her Nintendo DS:

I swear, I’ve never been so thankful for electronic devices as I am when riding a plane with kids. LIFESAVERS!


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