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leaving Eugene for Astoria August 5, 2010

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Our stay in Eugene was brief. Although we will be returning in about 5 days to Eugene, we had to set off for the Oregon Coast.

But first, I asked my best friend Katy (whom we are staying with in Eugene) to take us around Eugene–the school, the town, and especially Hendricks Park, a place I remember loving last time I was in Eugene.

It is one of the most beautiful parks I have ever seen, known primarily for its flowers, especially rhododendron garden:

(not actually rhododendrons)

Its wild turkeys walking all around:

Its stunning view of Eugene:

And sadly, the place where Steve Prefontaine died on May 30, 1975 at the age of 24, where after returning from a party and dropping a friend off, he crashed his car into this rock. It’s memorialized even today:

(If you look closely you can see medal people have hung. Usually running shoes are left there as well)

I am thankful for our little tour of town, especially Hendricks Park. And after a little snafu at Enterprise getting my rental car (and I’m super thankful to my brother-in-law, Jon, who helped me with that situation [they wouldn’t take a debit card, only a major credit card. But I don’t use my credit card–I’m debt free. Some people don’t understand that! But since Jon used to work at Enterprise, he told me how to handle the situation and what to say. It involved name dropping, but it worked!]), we were off for another 4 hour car ride to Astoria.

And I’m thankful we arrived because with directions like I-105E to OR 126E to I-5N to OR-217Nto US-26W/SW to US-101 to US-30 E, it is AMAZING that I didn’t get lost. SIMPLY AMAZING.

We finally made it to this cute little cabin in Astoria:

We’re super thankful for esteemed professor and wife graciously lending us their beautiful cabin for a few days!

So the kids can play on the deck:

And enjoy the town:

(View of the town from the cabin)

Vacation is great. Life is great. I’m thankful to be here with my kids.

Enjoying every minute!


One Response to “leaving Eugene for Astoria”

  1. Denise Says:

    Yes it is amazing you didn’t get lost!!! Love you glad you are having fun.

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