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racing through town August 6, 2010

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When I’m on vacation, in a new town, I feel like I have to get as much in as possible. Which we did today.

We’re only in Astoria until Sunday early afternoon, so I feel crunched for time. Plus, even though the little cabin we’re staying in is awesome, I can’t stay cooped up in the house all day with the kids while we’re on vacation!

So off we went.

First, we drove a few miles over to Fort Clatsop where in 1805-1806 Lewis and Clark set up their last West Coast camp before heading home. They were here for 4 months, of which all but 12 days it rained. The gray skies and constant drizzle today reminded us of why we live in California.

This is the station camp. This is a reenactment of what times were like when Lewis and Clark were living there. And as an added bonus, the rangers dress in costume and act out the times (would be almost believable too save for the iPhones that kept creeping out of people’s fur-skinned pockets).

I really, really wanted to take the Fort to Sea Trail, but it’s 6.5-mile trail and I knew I wouldn’t make it with Luke on my back, so we opted for the Netul Landing hike/stroll, which follows the Lewis and Clark River and is really beautiful.

Then after lunch and a quick nap for Luke (and me, I’m not gonna lie), I took us on another hike! Yeah, being a mom and the boss rules!

This time we were off to see the Cathedral Tree (a Sitka spruce more than 300 years old, 200 feet high, and 8.5 feet in diameter). Plus this trail goes along the mouth of the Columbia River and is really woodsy and kind of quiet and spooky (a little too Deliverance for me at times):

Then we headed over to Pier 39, which is the oldest cannery still standing on the Columbia River.

It had a pretty lame museum, but I made us go in any way. It was like one big homage to the Bumble Bee Company:

But the view was pretty:

And I treated the kids to hot chocolate for being so good and humoring me through my walks and hikes (and I had a DELISH lavender vanilla latte):

I then drove us over to the “Goonies” house (the movie was filmed here), and Maddie was so excited:

Finally, to top off our day, Christine and Derek are also traveling through Oregon and met up with us for dinner at this great little coffeehouse/restaurant recommended by a friend:

I’m super thankful that we did so much today. I’m super thankful that both kids were happy and not cranky. This is the kind of day we’d never have on a normal summer day at home. And to think, 5 more days of this!!!


One Response to “racing through town”

  1. GEW Says:

    You do SO much great stuff with your kids! And you get so much done in a day! And you’re SOOOOOO not lazy. I’m always very impressed. Glad you’re having fun! Say hi to the kids for me!

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