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Hello portland August 8, 2010

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Portland. What is it about this city that has caused so many of my friends to move here? It cannot be the weather, of that I’m sure. But after driving around Portland all afternoon, I kind of get it.

This is a really cool city. But its not like a real city, which is why its called stumptown. There’s a downtown which is where we’re staying, but all the surrounding areas are really cool little neighborhoods. I’m really liking the local vibe.

But first…let me start at the beginning. We had to leave Astoria, though we first went to their surprisingly large farmers’ market.

We had a good time in Astoria, but we were thankful to leave for Portland and get some sunshine.

Driving to Portland meant going over more bridges. I swear anyone fearful of bridges cannot live in this area.

(Lewis and Clark bridge)

(The sign on the bridge reads “Entering Washington.” We just thought it was funny that we had to drive through Washington to get back to Oregon. I mean, not haha funny. More like…why? Kinda lame funny.)

Finally we drove straight into Portland, got lost, used the awesome gps on my phone to get back on track, and then went to my friend Bruce and his wife Stephanie’s house. I had posted a picture of the goonie house on facebook and Bruce reminded me that he lived in Portland and to visit if I could! Of course I said yes. Bruce is from my hometown and I think I met him when I was around 15 years old, and he was about 5 years older. And I was in such awe of this college guy, who was so smart and well-mannered and sophisticated.  And while usually most of these teenage feelings I’ve had for people have sadly dissipated with time and post-teenage reality, I can honestly say that Bruce is still ALL those things. Wait, add to  my list super-cool. There, that’s good for now.

I haven’t seen Bruce in forever and he’s moved and gotten married and bought an amazing house, but with all these changes, he’s still the nicest guy ever. We had fun hanging out with them, walking around their hood, going to the park, and getting gelato.

(Ahhh….look at that hat. Forever a southern California boy).

We left for our hotel. Yup…we got a hotel for $75 off priceline and its the Marriott Portland downtown waterfront and is super nice and lovely…we are so thankful for this awesome deal and great location!

(View from our hotel window)

And we also saw my dear friend Colin. Colin and I met when we both waited tables and alas, he’s another one of my friends to move to the Pacific Northwest.

Oh…how I love Colin. He’s so awesome, and artistic, and a great listener, and he loves comic books and serious heavy metal but can also talk about almost any classic book. He’s just smart. I have so, so, so many good memories of all our time spent working and hanging out together. He made work so fun, sticking up for me when the cooks were all pissy at me; dressing up as Devo for Halloween (it was so awesome), and driving around town with me while I cried my eyes out over some boy. Oh, he knows so much about me..too much, me thinks! Good thing he’s so honest and such a good friend. Otherwise I could never run for President…anyone else would surely rat me out and all my secrets!

But he’s also thoughtful since we met him for dinner and he took us to Hopworks urban brewery which makes organic microbrews and…here’s the brilliant part…a kids play area!!


(brilliant kids area)

Back in the hotel, we got ready for bed, the kids watched a movie and I enjoyed a beer from Hopworks.  I’m so thankful to be in Portland among the green trees, cool neighborhoods, and awesome friends.

(I am, however, unthankful for the hotels $13 internet connection fee which I refuse to pay. Again…thankful for my phone. Pictures will be posted when I get some free internet!)


One Response to “Hello portland”

  1. GEW Says:

    I love Portland b/c of it’s big-city amenities and small-town vibe. But I do remember getting lost there several times. Specifically, I remember saying (at least three times). “Oh, crap! We’re crossing back over the river!”

    Glad you had fun!

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