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Safely home August 11, 2010

Filed under: Uncategorized — courtsbrogno @ 6:22 pm

Thankful for a gorgeous talking-as-fast-as-we-can-because-we’re-running-out-of-time-together morning with Katy in Eugene.

Thankful for another safe flight, though Luke was terrible. Actually, what I’m really thankful for is that we’re off the plane and that no one threw something at me or Luke (I guess because it’s such a short flight–1.5 hours–then people will just suffer and give dirty looks rather than inflicting physical pain). Luke was so, so, so, so bad on the plane. He was cranky to start off with. He didn’t want to sit in his chair. He figured out how to take off his seat belt (It’s seriously too easy to do that). He didn’t even want to watch the movie on my computer, eat the lollipop I offered, or even the skittles I tried to feed him in desperation to shut him up.

No. All he wanted to do was cry and scream and throw whatever I gave him.

If there is a hell, this is what it is: a plane-full of two year olds, miserable and violent.

I am also thankful to break up any more traveling by staying another night at my parents, even though we basically just ate, showered, and went to bed.


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