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reading respite* August 14, 2010

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Every Saturday I have from 8am-2pm without Luke. During the school year this time is filled with grading and cleaning During the summer this time has been filled with yoga, hiking, and cleaning (of course).

I’ve done a lot of relaxing and catching up and overall just enjoying myself this summer, and I’ve crossed a lot off my “summer to do” list (alas, I haven’t gotten up to Big Sur yet nor have I gotten a boob job. Damn. I’ll probably make it to Big Sur, but no go on the boobs this year. Such. A. Bummer.). But there’s one thing I’ve been wanting to do all summer–sit in a park, in the sun, and read a book.

So simple, I know. And so my plan was that today, after yoga, I would skip my normal hike and go to a nearby park to sit and read in the sun.

But the sun didn’t come out until around 1pm. And it was cold outside. I was shivering as I left yoga.

There was no way I was going to sit in a park and read.

So instead I went to a local coffee shop, ordered a muffin and a cup of coffee, and read for almost 2 hours. It wasn’t totally peaceful: there were kids running around, friends I ran into, and a curious man playing the piano for a short while.

Nonetheless, still an awesome way to spend my late morning. I haven’t really been able to just sit and relax at a coffee shop since Luke’s been born and I forget how nice it is to just sit with coffee and read or observe or talk without interruption.

I’m thankful for my little reading respite.

*Not respite as in a break from reading but rather respite as in a break from my normal Saturday, which granted isn’t really difficult, but still…I liked the way it sounded.


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