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last day of summer August 15, 2010

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Well, to be honest, I really don’t consider this the last day of summer for me, per se. I won’t consider summer officially over until classes start in September at the university. But school starts tomorrow for Maddie and so this is definitely her last day of summer.

To which I announced this morning, “Maddie, since it’s your last day of summer, we can do anything you want.”

Excited, she said she wanted to go to the beach. Saddened, she was upset that I insisted we also go on a morning hike. To make up for it, I told her she could have any dessert she wanted after dinner (apple pie and ice-cream was her request).

So we started on our hike, and what made it even better was my sister and her son joined us.

I usually like to hike this trail as quickly as possible so that I feel I’ve worked out a bit (and also because Luke starts to get really heavy after a while). even with Luke usually walking part of the way, it takes no longer than and hour and ten minutes. Today we were on the trail for almost 2 hours.

And though my back was killing me, the kids stopped repeatedly to look and catch lizards, they hung out and explored the creek, and walked very slowly the last quarter mile, eating and drinking (yeah, only my sister would pack a multitude of snacks, waters, and juice boxes for an hour hike. She’s like some kind of cub scout mother.). But I’m thankful that we meandered. It started my morning off slowly and I noticed things I’d never had before. Like how much the kids enjoyed just exploring.

Then later in the day we were off to the beach at Maddie’s request. My sister and her kids were also there, and her husband dug the kids some really cool holes to play in with tunnels and everything.

Even though it was not the warmest day, I’m thankful the sun was shining because this summer has been so blah weather-wise. I’m thankful Maddie had a blast, and on the way home, she picked out her choice of pie and ice-cream and I had a short talk with some random dad in the store about why school starts so early these days.

I mean, when I was a kid, and that wasn’t so long ago (well, really, I guess 25 or so years is kind of a long time, but still…), we didn’t start school until September, after labor day. What the hell? Why did everything change? Especially since August is usually still so hot (though, again,  not really this year). I’d gladly trade June for August and more of September. I think I’m going to have to start a campaign or something.


One Response to “last day of summer”

  1. Love the pictures of the kids exploring…important aspect of life for sure. To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.
    Have a great start Maddie, this is going to be a great school year for you. I still have a card with rows if trees you sent me before my first year of teaching. It hangs behind my desk. I start tomorrow.5th year with special populations, I feel fortunate.
    Enjoy the rest of your summer Courtney. Thanks for writing…I enjoy your entries…thanks for being you.

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