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done for now August 16, 2010

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Maddie finished her first day of school and had a great time. She loved being back with her friends, she is excited to have her own locker finally (even though she admitted it took her a long time to figure out how the thing worked), and she raved about her new teacher. She also told me how all her girlfriends were discussing what they did over the summer and one friend blurted, “I got a boyfriend!” I was totally shocked–I mean they’re only 11 years old. Isn’t this way too young to have a boyfriend? I said this to Maddie and to my surprise (and delight. and THANKFULLY.), she totally agreed (and I don’t think she was paying me lip-service either). I’m thankful she had such a great day at school.

I just finished writing my syllabi for the semester. Which starts tomorrow. Which I started today. And decided to use a new book. Which meant rethinking my entire pedagogy and not just copy and pasting from last semester. Which led me to think about what a hypocrite I am for always telling my students NOT to procrastinate when that’s exactly what I do every semester. Which made me think about why I do this and stress for an entire day when I can do it slowly, say over a week, and be finished early and enjoying my last day of freedom instead of working all day. Which made me realize that this is just how I am. It always works out. Accept it and move on. Which I did. Which make me thankful I’m the way I am and that I’ve finished my syllabi in time and still have time to finish rereading Jane Eyre (so amazingly great! Gets better every time I read it).


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