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moments like these August 17, 2010

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This morning, Luke and I were playing outside, when I heard him scream and cry. I looked over and he was standing next to the dog, crying hysterically. I rushed over to discover he had picked up a bee and gotten stung in the thumb.

This is not the first time this has happened. A few months ago, he also picked up a bee and got stung in the same thumb. The stinger did not go in deep, and he was fine in 5 minutes. But he remembered this, and every time he sees a bee, whether in a book or outside, he sticks out his thumb and says “me. me.” So why he decided to pick up a bee again, I’ll never know. But he did, and this time the stinger really went into his thumb, and it hurt.

He cried and cried and cried and clung to me and nothing would make it better (not even the ice-cream I offered him) except me kissing his thumb and promising him it would be so better, that mama would make it better. I literally kissed his thumb for, I swear, 30 minutes. Then he figured out that if he sucked on his thumb it seemed to make it feel better (and he’s never sucked his thumb. Ever. Unfortunately.)

(bee sting)

(Sucking on his thumb. He did this for about an hour).

I tried to get a picture of the dead bee, but as soon as it stung Luke, our dog ate it. I’d like to think she was asserting her protective duty since she probably felt bad that she didn’t stop Luke from picking up the bee in the first place.

I’m definitely not thankful that Luke got stung by a bee again. Poor guy was miserable for about 2 hours this morning. And unlike last time, his thumb really swelled up and got hard. I can imagine the throbbing pain he was feeling. But what I am thankful for are the mama moments like these. The fact that I can comfort and calm my son when something like this happens. I may not be good at many things, but I’m certainly good at being a mama and giving comfort when comfort is needed, even if that means I kiss a thumb for half and hour till my lips become numb. I also realize, as Maddie gets older, that it’s such a short time that our kids need us in these ways. Babyhood, toddlerhood, childhood….it all goes too quickly. I cherish these sweet (for me at least) moments.

Later today I received a package in the mail that I’ve been waiting for: Tibetan Prayer Flags. When I was in Oregon, I saw them everywhere, hanging in front of houses. I doubt that every house contained Buddhists, but I liked the idea that every time someone entered my house, he or she would have to enter under the ideas of peace, love, wisdom, etc. I hung them up with pride.

Maddie exclaimed, “Mom. You are not hanging those up. What. have you become a hippy? Please promise that you’ll take it down when my friends come over.”

“Nope, Maddie,” I replied. “And now when you’re in trouble, I’m going to make you go sit outside and meditate on what these peace flags have to say.” Ha. Take that parenting magazine! I’m thankful for my prayer flags. I think they’ll be a good reminder of what’s important in life.

Finally, I think I’ve made it obvious how much I love the book Eat, Pray, Love. Tonight, I finally got the chance to see the movie.

My friend Sally and I both loved the book, so we’ve been planning this night forever. We met for dinner and wine and then hit up the movie. It was good. It was really different from the book. It was definitely hollywood-ized (I think I just made that word up). Most of the deep, spiritual aspects were left out and there was much added that was never in the book at all. But I still enjoyed it. And I enjoyed spending time with Sally (probably better than movie). But I’m thankful I got to have such a nice time with my friend and see a good movie.


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  1. Denise Says:

    Poor Luke. your kids are blessed to have a momma like you. I want to see that movie, the trailer looks good. I hate that I have to read your blog to catch up with you and that you are starting school so our very limited time to get together is going to become more limited. Love you and miss you.

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