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yard: done (for now) August 20, 2010

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A constant pain in my ass, state of disarray: my backyard. I hate my backyard for so many reasons: the sloped yard where no grass seems to stay healthy; the unsightly and hazardous deck; the dog poop (even though Maddie cleans it up every day); abandoned toys strewn around the walkway just waiting, almost daring, for you to trip; the plants that need water, water, and more water. Plus, to be honest, the people in the front house (the owner’s daughter, no less) don’t do anything to help: they don’t clean up their dog’s poop (Maddie does it all, poor thing), they don’t offer to water or help maintain it, and they definitely love to indulge in the backyard but then not clean it up, leaving an almost constant array of cigarette butts, beer clans, left over coffee mugs, and shoes just lying around.

It is so frustrating.

But this summer, I made it my personal mission to make the best of what I had. I have been slowly adding plants, putting in a test piece of sod (it took!), and daily cleaning up. But sometimes, I’d put in an hour of work and then leave what I had done for about a week or two, and when I came back to finish….I had to start all over again.

Double frustrating. And I would blame myself for carelessly not finishing my projects, but summer activities were too welcoming and the sun, at times, too hot.

But I vowed I would NOT let another summer pass with the yard staying a mess. So I woke up, had a cup of coffee, took Maddie to school, and then Luke and I headed outdoors for the entire day, save for a 1.5 hour nap that we both took and a quick trip to Home Depot.

We, and I say we because Luke did help in his own little way, got the dirt ready for new sod purchased at Home Depot. We trimmed, actually more like hacked-away at, an unruly bush, we planted the last of new plants needed in our yard, we mowed the lawn, watered everything, weeded, and finally sat down to enjoy an ice-cream we got when picking up Maddie from school.

(new grass!)

(more new grass!!)

(new plant; loving the vibrant yellow flowers!)

Through all this outside work, Luke never complained. He was so happy working next to me, pulling weeds or digging in the dirt (and as an added bonus, he got to find worms!).

We got really, really dirty. Like the dirtiest I’ve been in years.

(Notice how Luke is only wearing one shoe. It’s his new thing. He loves walking around with just one shoe on. Kids weird, I tell ya.)

And I even got a huge blister on my hand from all my hard work.

(Maddie must have been a princess in a former life because when she saw this blister, she was mortified. Absolutely mortified! She actually suggested I wear gloves until it heals.)

I am so thankful we finally finished dressing-up the backyard. I’m sure we will be knee deep in it again next year adding more grass and flowers, but for now, we’re done and grateful. Granted, it still isn’t the most ideal backyard, and it’s a million miles away from my dream backyard, but it suits us just fine, and I am happy to finally have a backyard where the kids can play in the grass and watch the flowers grow. Just as summer is ending 😦


One Response to “yard: done (for now)”

  1. GEW Says:

    It looks great! You know how to make things happen.

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