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japan town August 22, 2010

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Thankful for another whole day with my friend Jill. We walked strolled downtown with my kids, ate a leisurely lunch, hung out for a bit, and then headed to my parent’s house to meet up for a family BBQ.

While family BBQ’s are the norm, this one was special. My two cousins, Hana and Joe, flew in from Japan last week, and my Aunt Linda drove them up to see all of us.

Hana and Joe are getting ready to start thinking about colleges and since they have dual citizenship, they–sometime soon–have to decide if they’d like to go to college in Japan or in the U.S. So we’re all trying to convince them to go to school stateside, to be close to family, and to not live so far away.

And Hana and Joe are awesome kids. Totally independent from having been raised most of their life in the bustling city of Tokyo, and yet still so Americanized. They wear American brand clothes, but eat miso soup for breakfast. They switch in and out of Japanese and American with little difficulty and much confidence. They are truly worldly in every sense of the word.

(Hana and her friend Saki, also from Japan)

(Joe and my Aunt Linda)

(Jill and my sister)

I’m thankful we saw them today; it’s been too long. I’m thankful I get a chance to show them around our local university and making my hard sell for not only coming back to the states, but living close to us. I’m thankful that we all get a chance to experience the different culture of Japan when they visit. because they’re family, it’s almost as if a little bit–a tiny, tiny bit–of their culture becomes ours for a while too.

That is pretty cool.


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