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a parade of friends August 23, 2010

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These past few days may go down as a record for visitors.

First Jill came. Then today she had to leave. I am so very, very sad. There is something so incredibly easy about our friendship and I guess that’s why we’ve been friends for so long. She compliments me so well. Ahhh…I could go on and on about Jill for a million reasons, but all I need to say is that she’s loyal, heart strong, responsible and fun, and is one of the kindest people I know. Whenever I need advice, I go to Jill. She tells it like it is, and even if sometimes her advice is the last thing I want to hear (like when she tells me how wrong I am), she’s always right and she helps me be a better person for it (and seriously, life gives us too many “fluffer” friends. I say, “hurt me! bring it on! tell me my flaws!”).

My cousins from Japan came too. Then today they had to leave. Their trip went by way too fast, especially since I know I just can’t hop in my car to go see them. Japan is a LONG ways away. But before they left, I took them on a tour of the university I work at, and it was really interesting because Joe’s interested in engineering, and I rarely go on that side of the campus and haven’t even been in the new buildings, and wandering through this not-my-cup-of-tea-side of campus was almost like looking at my university through new eyes. I was kind of awed and amazed at how cool the new buildings were, and when we found the Robotics Club room, and Joe started inside for almost 15 whole minutes (He’s into robotics, and he even goes to a specialized robotics high school in Japan), I realized how cool and advanced my university is, and I felt a swelling of pride surge through me (instead of my usual irritation and various annoyance: my small and crowded office, budget cuts, lack of appreciation for the arts, etc.). And watching Joe enthralled made me almost want to cry. So many kids in America–or at least so many kids that end up at my university–just assume college is a given and that parents will pay for everything. But Joe’s parents don’t have any money, so I have no idea how he would even afford to go to a university. Yet, he so badly wants to go,and is willing to work as hard as he can to achieve this goal. I’ve made it my personal mission to help him get into an American university. Scholarships…here I come!

(Luke was totally smitten with Hana and Saki)

My friend Mikey came over for coffee. And then had to leave. Mikey is a friend I’ve known for years, and alas, he’s gone and moved away as well (big surprise). But every time he’s in town, he makes an effort to contact me to see if we can get together. Well, actually, he used to do that, but the past few years, every time he’d text, I’d be so busy I wouldn’t even respond (I know, BAD form). So he stopped calling me. then i heard from a friend that he’s been in town awhile back for a few weeks, and I was livid because he hadn’t called me once! But then my anger subsided to self-chiding because I KNEW I deserved it. But last night, Mikey texted me and we made plans for him to come over for coffee this morning. So we had the chance to hang out and catch up. I got the chance to apologize for being such a lame friend, and even better, he accepted my apology! Yay! Friends again.Now I know he’ll call me every time he’s in town once again. Which made my heart swell with happiness.

Sofia’s due to arrive tonight with her 9 year old daughter Isabella, her 18 year old daughter Corinne, and Corrine’s best friend Samantha!. Then she’ll leave tomorrow night. I’ve already professed my undying love for Sofia, but as a further testament to her friendship, she’s driving 6 hours just to see me (and celebrate her new job) for 24 hours. So, off I go to prepare for her arrival and drink some coffee so I can stay up to the wee hours of the morning chatting with her.

(Samantha and Isabella having fun after dinner.)

(Sofia and Corinne relaxing after dinner.)

I’m thankful for this parade of friends. I feel so blessed and humbled and amazed to have so many good people in my life.


2 Responses to “a parade of friends”

  1. GEW Says:

    See? I told you! Friends gaLORE.

  2. christine Says:

    joe should talk to derek…. oh robotics

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