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heat wave August 25, 2010

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Finally, finally, finally. Some heat.

For the past three days, we’ve been experiencing a heat wave. And since this may go down as the mildest summer I’ve ever known, it is well-needed and well-deserved. Especially since the weather channel has a 10 forecast of 65-74 degree weather starting tomorrow.

But oh how I’ve loved this hot 90 degree weather. It is even better since I didn’t have to teach today.

And could take Luke to the beach today at 10a.m.

And let Luke swing at the park right by the beach so that the swinging motion created a nice breeze just for him.

And finally wear this super cute romper I got in May and have been unable to wear because it’s been too cool.

And watch my tomatoes finally turn red, after just staying green for many, many weeks.

And walk through the yard in just a diaper and tee-shirt because it’s too warm to wear anything else (not me, of course):

And then run through the sprinklers just because we can.

And then order Mexican food for dinner because Mexican food compliments a hot day better than anything else.

I’m pretty thankful for this little heat wave we’ve been having. I’m already sad it’ll be gone tomorrow. Perhaps we’ll get lucky and have a late summer, an Indian summer (Oh, I know, so very not PC. But Native American summer just does not sound right), but if that does happen, here’s hoping it happens on the weekend. Ain’t nothing worse than being cooped up in a hot classroom.

Oh, and yippee, I’m pretty thankful for the cool new app I installed (for FREE) on my phone: hipstamatic camera which takes all these cool, retro pictures. Finally I can ship my real camera to Illinois to get fixed!


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