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scoccer help August 29, 2010

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This evening, we had a meeting with Maddie’s new soccer team. We had the chance to meet our new coach, meet the new team, and listen to all the new rules and regulations put in place this year for AYSO.

Since Maddie started AYSO soccer, there has only been one time–when she was 5–that another kid from her school was on her team. Of course, Maddie’s school is small, and AYSO tries very hard to vary what schools the kids come from, ensuring that different kids from all around the community get a chance to come together and play together, therefore strengthening community bonds, rather than just school bonds.

A noble philosophy. But as a single parent, juggling a kind of crazy schedule, it’s made the last 6 years a bit difficult for me. Not knowing the parents on each team makes it awkward to ask for help with driving, and car pooling to practice is often impossible.

Tonight, however, I found out that by pure chance, there are 3 other kids besides Maddie from her school on her team! I knew all the parents on our new team, and already, we discussed carpooling and helping each other throughout the soccer season.

I am so, so, so, so incredibly thankful that there are parents I know from Maddie’s school on our soccer team. I already see my life being much more easy this soccer season.


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