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young love September 2, 2010

Filed under: noticing sweetness,work — courtsbrogno @ 8:45 pm

Over the past few weeks, I’ve noticed a boy and girl in my class who sit next to each other every day, leave class together, and have, so far, written about each other in each short assignment.

Today, I heard one call the other “babe.”

To which I finally asked, “Are you two dating.”

“Yup,” they both giggled. And then proceeded to tell me their story:

His father owns a ranch. Her father lives on the ranch property. She taught him to ride horses; he taught her to ride a motorcycle. He is the rodeo king of his town; she’s, get this, the rodeo queen. They moved here together and now they live together. They’ve been dating for two years.

“How old are you?” I asked.

She is 17. He is 18.

Good Lord, I almost had a heart attack right there.

They are BABIES. And they’re living together! I couldn’t help but think how these poor, unfortunate, young lovers are doomed for disaster. Disaster. Disaster. Broken hearts. Wounded egos. Years of possible therapy.

I must have looked absolutely shocked because the boy said, “Don’t worry. We luv each other.”

To which I could only reply: “Oh. Good. Just promise me you won’t break up during the semester. That’ll make class so uncomfortable.”

The girl, looking at the boy totally lovingly, replied,” That will never happen!”

Not about to be a black cloud on their love parade, I just smiled and walked away. I watched them the rest of class: him helping her with her essay introduction, actually leaning over and rearranging her words; her tousling his hair; him grabbing her purse and holding it as they left.

It was sweet. Really sweet. And I have to admit, it kind of lifted my spirits for the day and made me smile. I remember young love, before any type of heart-break had entered my consciousness, before any type of life hardship had begun. Life was so, well, sweet and lovely and easy. Everything just made my heart swell when I was in young love.

I’m thankful today for this boy and girl’s young love, their kind gestures, their life simplicity, and their loyalty and belief in each other.

Who knows, maybe they’ll even last. It’s doubtful, but it can happen.

It would make a great love story if it does.


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