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a night with leslie September 10, 2010

Filed under: adult fun,friends — courtsbrogno @ 10:42 pm

Despite the fact that I didn’t have either of my kids tonight, I had a lot to do: plan for the upcoming start of the university, clean my messy house, do some grading, read a book I’m really into right now, but instead, I met my friend Leslie for dinner and drinks.

Best decision I’ve made in a while.

Yes, I could’ve crossed a lot off my to-do list. But meeting up with Leslie was so much more enticing.

Because Leslie is one of the most authentic, in-touch-with-her-emotions woman I know. And because I can be really authentic with her, like “Hey Leslie, here are all the bad emotions I’ve been having and oh yeah, I don’t have a solution for any of them, and sometimes I really struggle, and sometimes life is good but mechanical, and sometimes I’m just a confused mess.”

And all this is OKAY with her. Like she gets it. Like she understands even if she’s not in the same place as me. Like she connects emotionally with me. And because I consider her a yoga-guru type, I always listen and appreciate what she has to say.

So, as I settle in back home, and look at my messy house, and all the work piling up just waiting to be graded, and all the planning I have to do in the next few weeks, I don’t even care. Because I had a great night, talking with a friend I rarely see, a friend I respect so much, a friend I learn from, a friend who never acts above and beyond me, a friend I can connect to, a friend who doesn’t seem to judge me.

And so I’m thankful for my dinner with Leslie and the great night I had. I’m thankful I know someone like her. I’m thankful that she’s my friend.


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