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the end of music class September 15, 2010

Filed under: family fun,kids — courtsbrogno @ 7:31 pm

Today was the last day I will be able to attend music class with Luke for a while.

I LOVE music class. Luke has a great time, I have a great time, and all the kids are just so happy to be singing and dancing.

As an added bonus, it’s not lame. In fact, it’s held at our local record store and the choice of songs are hip for both parents and kids.

I’ve been able to attend since Spring quarter when my schedule allowed for me to start work later on Wednesdays. But starting next week, I’ll be working while the kids will be singing. My sister will still take Cate and Luke to music class, but I won’t be there.

So today I felt sadness for all the classes I’ll miss.

Especially because Luke has just recently had the courage to stand up on stage and sing and dance instead of just sitting in my lap.

(Luke on stage singing and dancing)

But I’m quite thankful that I’ve been able to spend almost every Wednesday morning rocking out with my little guy. I’m looking forward to doing this again sometime soon–as soon as my schedule permits!


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