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babies and soccer September 17, 2010

Filed under: family fun — courtsbrogno @ 10:31 pm

Thia afternoon I finally got the chance to meet my friend Jenny’s new baby boy, Spencer. Today was my sign up date to deliver dinner to Jenny and her family, so I was able to stop by and say hello. It’s amazing how tiny and adorable new babies are. I swear I’d have 10 of them if I could. And Jenny looks great. It was just awesome to see her, and I’m super thankful for our visit.

Luke and I left Jenny’s house, for I had to run an errand in a neighboring beach town, and to get to my destination, on a pure whim, I decided to drive through the state park. I swear, it was one of the most gorgeous days ever. The fog had crept in and the eucalyptus trees almost touched the water. I’ve never been to any tropical island, so I’m hesitant to say this, but I do believe I’m more of a foggy beach lover than a warm and tropical beach lover. Forget the warm sand and crystal blue water! Give me sweaters and fog and murky water!

And I know it wasn’t a big part of my day, but I’m still thankful for the beauty this little detour provided.

Later in the evening I took Maddie, her friend Erin, and Luke to the university soccer game. To be honest, I really didn’t plan on going. Jon, my brother-in-law, was going to take his son and Maddie and her friend, but then his son got sick and he had to cancel and the girls were so excited that I couldn’t say no, so I piled on the warm clothes, put us all in the car, drove all around campus looking for parking, and then made it to the stadium.

We sat in the student section (why? I really don’t know), and since this was my first time in the stadium (ever!!!  Crazy that I’ve never been there before!), I’m really glad we did…there was such enthusiasm and school spirit.

(A student sitting next to us. Maddie took the photo. He was stoked to pose for it!)

While there were downsides to sitting in the middle of a thousand 18-22 year olds (seriously, how  can you possibly watch a game and text and facebook at the same time?), overall it was a lot of fun. And even though we were pretty far up, we had a great view.

Maddie and her friend had a great time and felt so grown up sitting with big kids all around them and Luke actually watched a good part of the game (the rest of the time, he ran throughout the bleachers).

The game ended up tied, with a score of 0-0, and the consensus around me was that the game was a little boring, but regardless, I had a great time. I’m actually really thankful that Jon couldn’t go to the game and I had to step in and take the kids (though definitely not thankful Braden got sick). I had a whole night of working planned, but I had so much fun watching a soccer game instead. Good thing I get to do it tomorrow, but this time with Maddie on the field.


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