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sucking the life out of my last free day September 19, 2010

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Today officially marks, what I consider, my last day of summer and freedom. Sure, I’ve been teaching at the community college for over a month, but that was only teaching 2 classes. Tomorrow I add 4 more classes to my schedule, and my life will become quite busy.

Gone are my afternoon naps with Luke, my time in the afternoon with Maddie, and my abundance of leisure time. What begins is more time out of the house and away from my kids, late nights and weekends spent grading, and in general, just more time working, working, working.

So today, being my last day, I tried to squeeze as much in as I could, to suck the life out of my last day of freedom.

We started with our usual Sunday hike up our favorite mountain. The way up was warm and sunny, but once we reached the top, we were engulfed in fog:

We usually spend about 15 minutes at the top, and today we had the chance to watch the fog roll away:

And then, right around the time we started to descend, the fog was gone for good:

It was just a beautiful hike. And I realized that the hike was really a nice metaphor for my working life. The next few weeks will be sunny and difficult just like the hike up was, and then it will get foggy and gloomy like I’ll feel sometime in the middle of the quarter/semester when I start to get overwhelmed and stressed. But then all to soon, that fog and gloom will clear and life will be sunny again, especially when classes end and I get a break again. I like the cyclical nature of my life in many ways.

As soon as we got home, we had the chance to visit with wonderful Christine and her boyfriend Derek, who kindly watched Luke and Maddie for an hour so I could finalize my prepping for school starting tomorrow. I’m so thankful that they could help me out for a bit and I’m thankful that I have everything done for tomorrow–no running around like crazy with last minute stuff.

Finally, we were off to a party for a colleague of mine. The bonus was we carpooled with my friends and colleagues Melanie and John.

(Melanie. The picture we took of John didn’t come out.)

I just love car rides with good friends. We had such a great conversation and they didn’t even mind that Luke was throwing popcorn in the backseat as Maddie tried her hardest to keep him entertained. I was so thankful to have had such great company!

And the party was fabulous, as evidenced by Luke enjoying a cupcake:

Now it’s almost bedtime, and I can’t wait to crawl in bed with Luke and read him a story, hold him tight, and let him know how very much I love him. I can’t wait to kiss Maddie goodnight and let her know how much I love her too.

Today was a great last day of freedom. I’m thankful for such a wonderful day.


One Response to “sucking the life out of my last free day”

  1. GEW Says:

    Six classes?! Oh my. I’m glad you had a great day on Sunday!

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