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the man i love September 21, 2010

Filed under: adult fun,family fun — courtsbrogno @ 9:58 pm

It took me my whole life, 34 years of living, to find the man I love.

And, yes, I’ve seen him before and have ignored his awesomeness so many times.

What was I thinking?

But tonight, my daughter begged and begged for me to take her to see him. And I hesitated. I was so tired, and all I could think about was a warm bath and my bed. I didn’t care to meet him again.

But my daughter was persistent and I finally gave in.

We went to our historic, art deco theater to watch:

I’ve seen this movie before, and several times. But how did I forget, how did it pass my understanding, that CLEARLY Harrison Ford, or Indiana Jones, circa 1981, was the man for me?

I mean, come on! He’s gorgeous, rugged, fearless, and to top it off, he’s a PROFESSOR.

I think we were made to be together, to have an amazing life. I wonder if he’ll call.

Either way, I’m super thankful Maddie forced me to take her to the movies tonight.

Now I have something to dream about tonight.


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