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finding my stride September 22, 2010

Filed under: work — courtsbrogno @ 8:59 pm

My Wednesdays, like my Mondays, are FULL days. But unlike Monday, which was spent pretty much going over the syllabus and class policies, today I actually had to teach and let’s just say I’m alittle out of practice since I had a whole summer off from teaching these classes.

My schedule:

10-11, argumentative writing; 11-12, argumentative writing; 12-2, argumentative writing; 2-4, office hours; and 4-6, writing and rhetoric.

Crazy, right? To add to this craziness, each class is on a different part of campus, so I feel like I’m constantly running (and starving by the way since there is no way from me to actually eat from 10-2 at least).

And well, my first two classes, I kind of sucked. No, I really sucked. It’s like everything I wanted to say about critical thinking (how I start the course) just came out wrong and awkward and almost like I’ve never taught this before. I feel like students were looking at me and wondering, “Dude. Is she really employed to teach here?”

But then my third class (teaching 3 of the same classes in a row is kinda tough too), all of the sudden I found my stride. Maybe it was because I messed up the first two classes and figured out a better order to say things or maybe I just felt more confident in what I was saying the third time and maybe it was because I just had a bit more practice in me. Regardless, this class just got it. I could see little light bulbs going off in their heads, and they stayed with me, concentrated on what I was saying, for almost 2 hours straight.

Then after spending my office hour catching up on about two dozen emails–one which guaranteed me winter classes (so THANKFUL for that!)–and not eating, I taught for another two hours, though a different subject, and that class went really well too. Again, little light bulbs went off and I think I made sense and was insightful and even funny at times.

I started the day feeling so lame and really questioning my whole pedagogy, but I left campus feeling fantastic. I’m thankful that I found my stride.

Now, I’ve just got to convince my first two classes that I’m not a complete idiot.


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