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beating the heat September 26, 2010

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Another 100 degree day. Another day of trying to beat the heat.

Which meant hiding for most of the day. In my room (the coolest room in the house). With no lights. In as little clothing as possible.

Watching videos and reading in bed:

Maddie read her first Nancy Drew novel, and she finished it this afternoon. A whole book in one day? From a girl who loves to watch TV? I’d almost be speechless if it had not been that it was a Nancy Drew book. Since these books were also my favorite novels when I was her age, I understand why she couldn’t stop reading. It was just that good.

I started last night and finished this afternoon a novel as well, The Book Thief.

If you have not read this book, get it. Now. As fast as possible. It was so good. It was so different. It was incredibly moving. I honestly sobbed at the end. Sobbed. Like Luke when I took away the ‘bobo’ for the first time.

But, back to the heat. So we hid in my room, and crept out to have lunch. The heat was such a killer, such an exhausting atmosphere to be in that, behold, Luke fell asleep in his high chair in the middle of lunch.

Finally, after Luke’s nap, we decided the beach was our only option left of escaping the heat

Off we headed with the dog in tow.

It was beautiful. And much cooler.

I love watching the kids roam and make discoveries.

And both kids playing so nicely together makes my heart swell.

To end the day we stayed at the beach and went out to eat. Loved the food, the conversation, andĀ  not cleaning up any dishes in a hot kitchen.

By the time we got home, our house was still 89 degrees, but the outside temperature had dropped to about 75 degrees. It felt great to open all the windows and feel the cool breeze coming in.

Despite hiding in the house for most of the day, we had a fabulous time trying to beat the heat. I’m thankful for our lazy, hot Sunday.


One Response to “beating the heat”

  1. christine Says:

    i wish i was there!!! :[
    p.s. boxcar children books are soOo much awesomer!!

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