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my sister is the WORST babysitter ever September 29, 2010

Filed under: family fun,kids — courtsbrogno @ 7:49 pm

My sister babysits Luke (and Maddie after school) Monday, Wednesday, and Friday each week. Monday is a relatively easy day, Wednesday is a long day, and Friday is only for 3 hours.

When she has Luke and Maddie on these days, she makes it a point to have as much fun as possible with them. Today, for instance, she took Cate and Luke to the park, then to the library, then to run errands with her(but she made it fun by getting both kids ice cream). She then takes them home and feeds them an awesome lunch. Then she plays with them and reads to them after naps. When Luke is feeling sad or lonely, she cuddles him and soothes him.

When the kids are with my sister I never have to worry about a thing. I may call to see how things are going, but usually I don’t. I just know they are fine.

You may be wondering then what makes her the worst babysitter ever. Well, to be frank: she’s too good. Tonight when I picked up Luke and put him in the car, he cried for “auntie” the entire way home. When I tried to soothe him by saying, “No, baby. Mama’s here. Mama’s going to sleep with you and cuddle you tonight, ” Luke replied by saying, “No. Auntie.”

I got nervous. I asked, “Don’t you want to sleep with mama tonight?”

He said, “NO! Auntie.”

By the time we got home, he was all over me as usual, but this has gone too far. She’s clearly replacing me as Luke’s favorite. She has the luxury and time of playing with Luke and Maddie like I used to before I began work again.

And while I’m thankful for my sister and her devotion to my kids, I’m pretty pissed off and jealous that my kids are beginning to favor her over me.

Hmmmm….I may have to take some devious measures. I may have to mention to Luke and Maddie the money I pay my sister and instill the fact that she only does it for the money–that she doesn’t really like them. I may have to tell them all the mean things she did to me growing up. I may have to take a picture of her and Photoshop it so she looks like an evil witch that will then scare my kids.

Cause one things for sure: she loves my kids and I love her. But I’m not above smearing her name so I become Luke and Maddie’s only shining star.


6 Responses to “my sister is the WORST babysitter ever”

  1. GEW Says:

    When my kids were younger, and I’d pick them up from my mom’s, they never wanted to leave “Gaga.” They didn’t want me. But that changed around age four. You might just have to wait it out . . .

  2. Candice Says:

    I adore this story…you will always be there shining star no matter how much fun they have with Auntie though!!!

  3. Jen Says:

    haha. Bring it. Did i mention i am buying them a pony and i am taking maddie to a lady gaga concert?

  4. Jen Says:

    haha. Bring it. Did i mention i am buying them a pony and i am taking maddie to a lady gaga concert?
    tell my lukey i will see him friday! maybe we will go see the butterflies, or i will take him to disneyland…

  5. Denise Says:

    Who doesn’t love Auntie Jen???

    I want her to take care of me too.

  6. GEW Says:

    A pony and Lady Gaga! That’s hilarious.

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