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turning over a new leaf September 30, 2010

Filed under: garden,kids — courtsbrogno @ 6:58 pm

Luke did not cry when I dropped him off at preschool today. This seemed like a small miracle. When I went to pick him up after almost 6 hours of him being there, he looked happy as could be, playing with the toys. The teacher told me that he only whimpered a little during nap time for “mama” (thankful he didn’t whimper for “auntie.”), but that he was happy the entirety of the day. This seemed like a large miracle.

It seems Luke has turned over a new leaf when it comes to going to school. I’m so thankful. I was so close to pulling him out and…well, I have no idea what was going to happen beyond pulling him out, but I’m  sure it would have included desperate measures to find  him a new stay-at-home babysitter, which would have cost much more money. But Luke’s happy, and I’m beyond thankful for that.

Since we were both in such a great mood when we came home, Luke and I tackled the garden. I’ve been meaning to pull out all the old vegetable plants, but with the heat, I didn’t feel like going outside to do anything let alone garden work.

And while I’m thankful it was a cool 84 degrees today, I’m actually thankful for that little heat wave. It seems that most of my vegetable plants were just waiting for some heat to help them out a little.

As we pulled out plants, we found vegetables waiting to be picked:

(So many eggplants, tomatoes, and even a small watermelon, a few hot peppers, and the absolute last of the cucumbers and green beans. I’m thankful for our unexpected vegetable surprise!)

I even decided to leave the tomato plants in because the weather report is calling for a few more days of 77-80 degree weather. I’m really hoping that these giants (and the others not pictured as well) will ripen some more:

I have four garden boxes and one we emptied out completely, letting the leaves from the plants stay to literally help turn over the soil:

The box looks so empty and sad and lifeless that I decided to grow a winter garden, something I’ve never done before. I’m not sure if it’s too late to start, but I’m heading to our local nursery this weekend to get some help, advice, and hopefully some little plants that will grow throughout the winter.


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