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evading ninjas October 6, 2010

Filed under: noticing sweetness — courtsbrogno @ 8:30 pm

The police and parking citation staff at the university are like ninjas: quick, unseen, and damn good at what they do. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been late to metered parking by 2 minutes max and have a ticket sitting on my window. The past few years have been particularly difficult for me as my schedule has been so tightly packed that I usually arrive on campus with just 5 minutes to find parking and get to class. In my haste, I’ll sometimes park in any available close lot, which usually means all staff spots are filled up, and so I’ll park in sponsored guest or even university vehicle or metered though i only have 25c.

Do I ever get away with this? Nope. Never. I always get a ticket. I truly think that the new engineering building was built almost primarily from the income the university has generated off my parking tickets.

But I made myself a pact this year: NO MORE TICKETS. And I’ve been good thus far. Until today.

Today, my usual (and newly found)secret, hidden parking lot where I always find staff parking was closed due to construction. In my haste to then find another parking spot (at 10 am no less, which is almost an impossibility), I finally gave up and in order to not be late for class, I parked in 30 minute staff parking. I figured that since my class was doing group work for a good portion of the hour, I could slip out and move my car before the 30 minutes was up.

Except I forgot. FOR THE ENTIRE DAY.

So at 6p.m.–yes, 8 hours later–as I was walking to my car, I suddenly remembered that I had parked in a 30 minute spot. I was convinced I’d have not one, but several tickets on my window and I even thought that perhaps my car would be towed because surely those ninja police have some sort of cruel rule that allows for this. I prepared for the worst.

Only, when I got to my car THERE WAS NO TICKET! I couldn’t believe it. I stood in silence and shock for a solid minute before I hustled into my car and took off lest the ninja police were around the corner.  I left feeling so thankful I didn’t get a ticket or several or have to pay a huge fine for a towed automobile.

I also feel rather superior. Ninjas…I WON!!!

The official score:

Me: 1

Ninjas: <50


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