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good luck saturday October 9, 2010

Filed under: adult fun,friends,noticing sweetness — courtsbrogno @ 7:06 pm

There was something brewing in the air today; actually, maybe it was the warm Santa Ana winds that blew all day, but something was different from the moment I woke up. It was just one of those days when everything went right and was pleasant; in fact, was more than pleasant.

I started the day by heading back to my local coffee shop to get some more grading done, but instead I wound up engaged in a long conversation with a man I just met.

Oh, not that kind of conversation.

No, I was sitting, drinking coffee, and grading when this man–probably in his mid to late 50s, short, very Jewish looking, wearing Birkenstocks–stopped and asked what I was grading.

“Essays for my English class, “I replied.

He then mentioned that he taught as well and at the local community college.

“Me too,” I said.

And so we started a long and philosophical conversation about pedagogy, the interests of a university and a community college, what’s wrong with education in America, the beauty of learning the mechanics of grammar. Oh….so much more.

Usually, I’d be annoyed that someone was trying to start a conversation with me. Not because I’m rude, but rather because I’m a bit behind in my grading, and I don’t want to waste what precious little time I have without kids and interferences on chatting.

But, this man. Well, he was so intelligent, and well spoken, and philosophical, and inspiring. I wish I had taken notes–I wanted to take notes throughout our entire conversation, but that would have seemed really odd. can you imagine meeting someone and then having an enlightening conversation and then that person takes out a pen and paper and jots down what you say? Weird. Definitely weird.

But he was so profound. And I would gladly give up hours more of my grading time to listen to his ideas on education and writing and probably just life in general.

I’m so thankful I met and spoke with this man.

A few minutes after our conversation ended, I had to leave, and as I walked to my car, I realized I was probably 5 minutes past my allotted meter time. And as I rounded the corner, I saw the meter maid writing me a ticket. But I was in such a good mood from my time with the other professor that I just apologized and took my ticket. The the parking lady looked at me and told me that she appreciated my kindness and that if I fed the meter, she’d take back the ticket.

Woah. Really? I’m so thankful for that.

Later in the day, I had the pleasure of attending the wedding of one of your reader’s group members. While it was awesome to see Brandon get married, it was also awesome to see how many of his friends and family and his church helped with the wedding. Everything was done by a friend: the food was cooked by friends, the cake made by a friend, the event decorated by friends, all tables moved and chairs assembled by friends, and even the design and printing of the programs was donated by a friend. The effect was magical:

I really love bearing witness to such love and affection, both in the wedding couple and those who surrounded the couple. I’m thankful to be privy to some of life’s best moments.

Furthermore, the wedding was even more awesome because almost my whole reader’s group was there and I just love every damn one of them so much that I wish we could meet once a week instead of every few months. We’re all so different and interesting and kind and funny and understanding. Really, I’m quite lucky to be involved with such cool people, and since we won’t meet for another 2 weeks or so to discuss our current book, I’m thankful I had the opportunity to spend time with them today.

I’m calling today my good luck Saturday. It definitely feels like I received some luck and spread some luck.


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