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goodbye chicken coop October 10, 2010

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Today we said goodbye to our chicken coop. Since having to give away our chickens the coop has sat empty on the side of our house and when some friends needed a coop, I was more than willing to give them ours.

But I was a little sad as well. Cleaning out the coop, of course, made me miss the chickens, but even more so was giving away a project Maddie and I had worked so hard on.

Because while friends of mine were constructing amazing chicken coops or buying pre-made ones from local farm supply stores, they were also spending a whole bunch of money. Sure my chickens needed a place to live, but they didn’t need The Plaza. They Hyatt would suffice just fine.

So for under $100, Maddie and I constructed a 4ftx8ft chicken coop. It’s not the cutest coop (actually we refer to it as totally ghetto), but it worked and was built with our hands.

(So what if it leans to the side and has a few gaps in between wood? Still works.)


As much as we were sad to see the coop leave, we were also thankful. It feels good to help out a family, saving them time and money. Plus it’s nice to not have to worry about moving one day and figuring out what to do with the coop. Plus, if we do move and I get chickens again, then I can always recreate our ghetto coop for probably even less money than I did it for the first time. And Maddie and I will build again.

So I guess in the end, after we moved and cleaned the chicken coop, we were feeling pretty good about watching it hauled away in the back of a truck.


One Response to “goodbye chicken coop”

  1. tasha Says:

    hate the new neighbor!!!

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