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sneaky little guy October 12, 2010

Filed under: kids — courtsbrogno @ 10:22 pm

This morning, I left Luke in front of the TV while I made my way to my room (a mere 5 feet away) to get ready for my day. Luke seemed transfixed by whatever was playing on Sprout (and before you judge, how else am I supposed to get 20 minutes to myself to get ready in the morning?). Little did I know, however, that Luke was not quietly watching TV; rather he was up to no good.

Behold the little guy figuring out that he can reach the water button on the refrigerator and (this seems to be the most exciting part for Luke) water comes out in a steady stream. Look closely and you’ll notice that this sneaky little guy has a cup capturing water as well:

I only had to stay quiet for a minute to see what the cup was for.

Will you look at that! That little guy tried to fill my kitchen utensil drawer with water. WHY???? Simply because he could.

Being the parent to a boy is exhausting.

Yesterday he ate a dog biscuit and then puked it up all over me. And if you look closer at both pictures, you’ll notice that Luke is an absolute mess. This is because sometime before he figured out the water trick, he found the peanut butter jar and actually opened it and started eating.

I was in the same house. Not far. Barely 5 feet away. No blow dryer on.

Obviously Luke’s gotten pretty good at being sneaky and quiet.

It’s a good thing he’s so damn cute and probably one of the best cuddlers I’ve ever known cause this guy knows how to test my patience.

But I’m still thankful for him. No matter what. Always will be.

I’d say more about my love for Luke, but I’ve gotta go clean the peanut butter finger prints off my couch.


2 Responses to “sneaky little guy”

  1. christine Says:

    this is the best post yet!! :] i miss luke. i was showing derek all of the pic i taken with my old phone of luke–i’m still shocked to see him so young and little!!! (well, big-little) :] i feel sad b/c i forget how he as like when he was a baby-baby…..sigh…

  2. Jen Says:

    i love that you caught him in action!

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