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i’m such a pushover October 15, 2010

Filed under: adult fun — courtsbrogno @ 11:05 pm

I had great plans for tonight. With Maddie spending the night at my parents’ house and Luke with his father, I was going to catch up on cleaning the house and work.

But then I decided to go to an early dinner with my friend Mike at this restaurant I’ve been hearing wonderful things about and haven’t had a chance to try yet. Since we were meeting at 6, I knew I’d be home by 8 at the latest and still get all my work I’d planned on doing done.

And dinner was amazing. And it was wonderful to catch up with Mike, whom I haven’t hung out with in about a month.

But the Mike convinced me to go to our friends’ Brian and Jen’s house because they were having people over. And I really, really like Brian and Jen. And I haven’t seen either of them in a few months. So I agreed, but I told Mike I had to be home by 9, and he promised I would be home (he drove).

But then I had such a good time at their house, and my friend Jason was there as well, and well, I hadn’t seen Jason in about a month either. Next thing I knew it was 10:30, and I just had to get home.They tried to convice me to stay, but I haven’t been feeling too good anyway, and I was tired and I still had work to do.

Mike drove me home.

Now I’m home, and I’m tired, and I’m just going to go to bed in a minute.

I didn’t clean my house nor do any grading.

But I had a GREAT time. So I’m thankful I’m a pushover. I may regret it tomorrow or Sunday when I will have to spend quite a bit of time catching up, but regardless, I’m so happy to have hung out with such great friends.


One Response to “i’m such a pushover”

  1. christine Says:

    i’m happy you got to have fun and relax!!!

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