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best hike ever October 17, 2010

Filed under: family fun,kids — courtsbrogno @ 9:28 pm

Oh, I know, you think it’s just another typical Sunday post about our morning hike.

You’re totally right.

But I can say, with complete confidence, that our morning hike was the best one we’ve had. Ever. And I seriously mean EVER.

Because two things happened.

One, I finally broke down and bought a new carrier for Luke. While I love the babyhawk I got as a hand me down from a friend, Luke was just too heavy for it. So I went for the carrier that everyone swears by–the Ergo. can I just say that this thing is amazing. I walked up that mountain with Luke strapped onto me like it was NOTHING. My back didn’t hurt or cramp up at all. I mean, we can really get hiking now and scale some larger mountains, go out for longer time periods. I am so excited. Though, Maddie is not. At all.

Two, it rained during most of our hike. Well, not downpour rain, but a constant sprinkling. And Maddie was not happy. The entire drive she kept saying, “Oh look, Mom. You’re using your wipers. That’s because IT’S RAINING. Are you trying to kill me and Luke? Cause that’s what’s probably going to happen since you’re making us HIKE IN THE RAIN.”

And, I have to admit, for a few minutes, I thought maybe I am crazy. But it wasn’t cold and it wasn’t really raining, just sprinkling. Constantly.

But I made Maddie a deal. We’d just try to see how far we could make it. If it started to really rain, we’d head back down. I promised we wouldn’t even go to the top if she was too wet or miserable.

But the thing is, even she stopped whining once we got going. Because it was just so beautiful. I felt like we were in a different town, an almost magical place. I know, seems dramatic, but there’s just something about walking in a mist that makes nature seem to slow down and emerge.

I’m so thankful I didn’t back out of our hike today just because of a little rain. I got to test out and fall deeply in love with my new carrier and we got to enjoy our family time noticing parts of nature we usually just ignore.

And I swear, and Maddie will vouch for me, that I yelled, about half way up the mountain, “IT IS SO BEAUTIFUL.”

And it was.



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