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Sufjan love October 23, 2010

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Thankful I saw sufjan stevens tonight. It was amazing.

So much more to come!


(confession: I actually pulled over on the side of the road in Santa Monica to use my phone so I could have a blog post–albeit it very short–because I knew I would not make it home by midnight. I am so lame.)

I’m going to be honest: I judge people on their music taste. I probably will never be your best friend if you admit that you love contemporary country music. If you like indie, alternative music, well, we’ll probably be best friends forever.

(confession: I judge people also on their grammar and sentence structure.)

I think that the greatest people love Broken Social Scene, Wilco, Arcade Fire, Jose Gonzales, Elliot Smith, Cat Power, and a million more musicians in this same vein.

But, okay, I get why some people don’t like Sufjan Stevens. EVEN THOUGH HE’S MY FAVORITE (Ya, I’ll tie that with Wilco). His music can be slow, and sometimes, you have to be in a certain mood (a certain sleepy mood a friend once told me).

But that all ended last week, October 12th, when Sufjan’s new CD dropped (Ya, we’re on a first name basis). His new album, Age of Adz, is a complete break from anything I’ve ever heard from him before, and yet, it’s amazing. Like get-your-ass-up-and-dance amazing.

Which is what I did. Kind of by myself.

Because, you see, the Wiltern, where Sufjan played last night, is flexible in the sense that if a band who is more dance friendly plays, they take out the chairs (I heard they did this for Broken Social Scene who played there a few days ago. Bummed to miss that show.), but if there’s a more mellow musician, they leave the chairs in place.

(confession: The Wiltern may just be the best place I’ve ever seen a show. I loved the acoustics, the decor, and the intimacy. Even the staff was ridiculously nice.)

Clearly they didn’t do their research very well. Because while Sufjan opened with “Seven Swans” and ended with “That Dress Looks Nice on you,” almost the entire middle of the concert was all from his new album.

Which is a get-your-ass-up-and-dance album.

“Impossible Soul:” Check it and listen (make sure you get past the first 50 seconds. Sorry it’s not live):

I mean come on, right? You were just dancing.

A clip of the live version from my phone (only 30 seconds and yes, not the best visual) UPDATED: I found a much better video from the same show I was at. But I urge you to listen to the first 30 seconds to hear the way he was using auto-tune and then skip to minute 3. Dude. His dancing? How awesome is it?

And the song “Too Much” (UPDATE: I found a way better live performance from a show in Toronto October 13th)

And you can see Sufjan dancing in this clip I took, and I have to state that his dancing skills, while certainly not as good as Beyonce, was still pretty damn impressive:

(confession: in this clip, I notice no wedding ring [yay!], weird paintings on his arms circa Michael Stipe a few years ago [but I’d lick that paint off him. Ya, I just wrote that. I’m not ashamed], self-effacing and kick-ass dance moves. God, I LOVE him)

Do yourself a favor and buy this album.

(confession: I bought it the day it came out.)

Because his live show was amazing:

I’m so thankful that my good friend Niki was able to join me and bravely encouraged me to get up and dance!

(confession: I have a secret crush on Niki, but not in a sexual way. More like in a friend who I’d marry way without any sex. Because Niki is just always fun and laid back and mellow and down to have a good time. I mean she hadn’t even listened to Sufjan before and she still had a great time and was totally supportive. And because she didn’t look the other way when I started to dance.)

I’m thankful that Niki bought the drinks. Free drinks make me so very happy.

(confession: Yes, Niki bought the drinks, and after my second gin and tonic, she offered to buy  a third. I declined saying, “One more drink and I will make you rush his tour bus with me.” I kind of regret now, in retrospect, that I didn’t take that drink. I wonder what could have happened if I did rush the bus??? Hmmmm…fantasies.)

I realized during the show that I have a very serious crush on Sufjan Stevens.

(confession: I felt like I’m sure most teeny boppers feel when they see Justin Bieber. Like I had Bieber fever just not for that little guy/I thought it was a girl when I first heard him on the radio. My heart fluttered. It really did.)

(confession: Some girl shouted out, “I love you.” And I actually said aloud, “I love him more, bitch.”)

In a very non-L.A. moment, Niki and I met and chatted with the two men sitting behind us, who were lawyers and were still SO COOL. I have found it very rare that I go to a show and chat with strangers who are not annoying. And so I’m thankful for Michael and Bob, the kindest, most fun concert peeps I’ve ever just met and shared an amazing musical experience with. May they find happiness in good music and concert neighbors always:

Finally, someone from the same show I was at had better seats and took a better video of a Sufjan classic, “Chicage.”


(confession: I was THAT girl. The one who on the way home, in my car, played Sufjan’s new Cd and danced like crazy. In my car. I’m totally not ashamed.)

I’m so thankful for this night. Since this is the first live show I’ve been to in a few years, I forgot how much I enjoy live music. I forgot how excited I get in anticipation for a show. I forgot how giddy I get over a musician I like. I love how good it is to feel more like the old me.

I really would hate to dump a good friend because of his/her music taste. So at least play these clips and act like you enjoy the same music as me so we can all remain friends.


2 Responses to “Sufjan love”

  1. Denise Says:

    1. I love your first clip because I can hear you singing in the background.
    2. We have very different music tastes, do you still love me?
    3. I am living vicariously through you, you have had a kick ass year.
    4. I really enjoyed the last song you posted, so I guess my answer to #2 is yes!!! (unless you can’t see past my grammer issues, which you have been correcting me on forever, and it totally annoys me!!!)

    Love ya.

  2. Niki Says:

    Great Blog Court and thanks for the props. I think most people feel the way you did when you have a musical experience watching/listening to someone you love, it makes you giddy. Thanks for inviting me, I had so much fun!

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