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a comic i can believe in October 25, 2010

Filed under: books and reading — courtsbrogno @ 8:52 pm

I was never into comics as a kid. They were just so, well, full of boy stuff: super heroes, villains, fighting, weapons. Not my cup of tea.

And while, yes, of course, I enjoyed Maus, I wouldn’t call that a real comic. I mean, it’s a comic, but not one that Marvel would put in their repertoire.

Today, though, I found a comic I can believe in: Marvel’s Pride and Prejudice series.

I’m thankful my friend Jessica ran these sweet gems over to me today because I cannot wait to start reading. After a brief glance at their content, they seem to hold pretty true to the actual story.

But they have awesome covers with subject headings like:

“ARMY BOYS: 34 Reasons we Love them (Other than the Uniforms)”

“Bingleys Bring BLING to Britain”

“How to Cure your Boy-Crazy Sisters”

“Spring’s Randiest Ribbons!”

“Peas and Prayer in the Garden with Mr. Collins”

I mean, I’m dying with happiness. Total Glee. Total Mr. Darcy heaven.

I used to make fun of boys who read comics, but now I totally get it. I just needed the right comic genre to understand why boys hovered over comics.

Move over Batman and X-Men and Spider-man and The Incredible Hulk. I think Mr. Darcy has you all beat!


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