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get your vote on November 2, 2010

Filed under: self-discovery,self-growth — courtsbrogno @ 8:20 pm

I voted.

There used to be a time–and I’m incredibly embarrassed to admit this–when I was one of those people, those people who hate certain things in America and voice their opinion whenever given an apt opportunity, or really just whenever, and then they actually DO NOT vote.

Yeah, that was me. I didn’t vote.

But then about 8 years ago, a boyfriend of mine, when we first started dating, was shocked by my lack of civic duty. He threw in the facts that I was immersed in academia and a total hypocrite and, well, he had a point. So I decided to start voting. And he helped me get voter ready.

I have fond memories of talking about issues, pouring over information about a certain proposition, and even calling his parents for advice. I got educated and got my vote on.

Now I can complain without being a hypocrite. Because I voted.

I now embrace my civic duty and am thankful for the opportunity to bubble in my choices. I find voting days to be the greatest part of being American. I get excited and watch CNN all day to see who’s winning. And with California considering making a wacko E-Bay billionaire governor AND a proposition that would legalize marijuana (just legalize it, dammit), well…this is better than any damn Reality TV show. This is reality.

Can’t wait to see what happens.


One Response to “get your vote on”

  1. GEW Says:

    Awesome photo! My polling place ran out of stickers.

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