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math folks can be funny November 10, 2010

Filed under: work — courtsbrogno @ 7:40 pm

I teach a class in the math building, and most of the time, as I walk down the hallway and peer into classrooms, I have no idea what so ever what is going on. Math and I have never had a good relationship; in fact, my entire college career I took one math class called “math for the humanities,” but I think it would have been better titled “math for total idiots.”

I’m particularly impressed (and scared) of the math majors I have in my class. The problems they work on have more letters than numbers, and one problem can take an entire sheet of paper and hours of work to complete.

But I’ve also noticed that most math majors lack a sense of humor. Sometimes, they just seem too serious. And as I walk down the hall to teach my class, I see professors and students engaged in serious lessons with no smiles to be seen.

But today, I noticed a student wearing a shirt made by the math club.

This shirt is funny. Very funny. It made me laugh (even if I don’t even understand really what it means), and it made my usually quiet and very serious student laugh as well. He insisted, “This shirt gets me chicks.”

Despite today being a busy, exhausting day, I’m thankful for this little bit of math humor. It certainly brought me a much-needed laugh!


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