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The little big game November 13, 2010

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Very thankful to have attended the annual little big game. But I’m hanging out with my friend michelle, so ill update later.


To those who’ve never heard of the little big game, it means nothing. To those who grew up attending Burlingame High School or San Mateo High School, this football game means everything.

I didn’t go to either school. In fact, I don’t ever recall attending my own high school football game. But my best friend Michelle’s husband went to San Mateo High School and has been their football’s offensive coordinator for at least 5 years. And for four years, we’ve been going to this game and rooting for San Mateo to win.

It’s a 90 year rivalry, and the winner gets “the paw” (Burlingame’s mascot is the Panther and San Mateo’s is the Bear Cat, thus the paw reference. from what I’ve seen in the years I’ve gone to the game, San Mateo has never won, EXCEPT for last year when both my kids came down with the flu and we missed the game. The ONLY game in about 15 years that San Mateo won.I often wonder if it’s me who is bad luck.

And though San Mateo lost again this year, we still had a great time.

(watching the game)


(the football team)

(Half time show: the marching band. They are so GOOD!)

This year my parents came to the game with us as well as my dear friend Christine who lives close to the area. And hanging with Michelle, her daughter Olivia (who is the same age as Luke), and then sitting around after the game drinking wine and chatting made for a GREAT day! And I love watching Luke and Olivia play, even if that means Luke dons a tutu to play ballerina with Olivia.

Even with all the fun of hanging with my best friend, I really look forward to this game every year for the simple reason of cheering on a team I know Cain has worked so hard to coach. And even if they didn’t win, Cain loves those kids, and it makes me heart swell to see the love he has for his players.

(Cain with Olivia after the game)

Now here’s hoping that next year San Mateo WINS!


3 Responses to “The little big game”

  1. Denise Says:

    Can’t wait to hear all about it….so jealous you got to see our Michelle!!!

  2. jen m Says:

    Um, Bearcat alumni here!! Those were my stompin’ grounds and when I hear “Little Big Game”, I have some seriously fabulous flashbacks of paw prints on my cheeks and really ugly orange t-shirts. I love how old SMHS is and that great rivalry with BHS. Go Bearcats! What year did Cain graduate? I was class of ’94…about the time the Bearcats last beat Burlingame it sounds like… :)-

  3. MIchelle Says:

    Thanks for coming to cheer them on. At least they didn’t cry…too much. He he. Love you guys!

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