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i heart san francisco November 14, 2010

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Thankful for my day in san frncisco and marin. will update more when i’m not so exhausted from this quick trip.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I LOVE San Francisco. I think this may be the area I’m supposed to be living (and Portland and Seattle and Oxford…). I just love being here. And it doesn’t hurt that my best friend lives in the Richmond district, right across from Golden Gate Park and still be close to some cool restaurants and activities also just down the street.

So Luke and I took a stroll to get some coffee and he was so well-behaved, I think he wants to live here too.

And I love San Francisco because I took Luke for a bike ride on Olivia’s pink radio flyer and some guy yelled, “Way to keep him out of the gender box. Good for you!” I mean, he was only riding it because we didn’t being a bike; I wasn’t trying to make a statement. But I love how accepting most people are in this city.

We left Michelle’s house to travel across the most beautiful bridge in the world, the Golden Gate Bridge:



To visit my cousin Nicole and her family:


I’m incredibly grateful that Nicole was able to accommodate us on such late notice (I had only emailed her about a possible visit on Thursday). My cousin is so cool and since we really weren’t that close when we were growing up, I feel like now that we’ve reconnected as adults we have some serious catch-up to do. So trying to see her when I’m up in San Fran is a must. I’m also incredibly thankful for my aunt, Nicole’s mom, who made us an amazing brunch and did all the work so we could watch the kids as they played, talk, and admire Nicole’s newly bought, gorgeous home in Mill Valley:


(Maddie on Nicole’s deck. What a view!)


Nicole’s son Beckett and Luke played so nicely and I really hope they can be friends as they continue to grow:


We left and drove back over the Golden Gate Bridge, sad to be heading home. I do love where I live, but I love my trips to SF. And now I realize I need more time there. I want to see my cousin and her family more and I always want to see Michelle more. I want to see more friends who live there, especially my dear friends Tasha and Cory and other good friends who moved there. I also want to hike Mount Tam, walk though Muir Woods, and spend the day at Stinson Beach. I want to see another concert there. I want to eat at an amazing restaurant. I want to go back to the Japanese Tea Gardens. Oh….I want to do it all.

Thus, we’re planning a week visit hopefully during Spring Break. We’re coming back, San Francisco, because I love you just too much to stay away.

P.S. Both Nicole and Michelle are pregnant!!!! So much to be thankful for!!!!


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