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a cleaning spree all for me! November 15, 2010

Filed under: kindness toward me — courtsbrogno @ 7:56 pm

When I left town last Friday, my Aunt Linda had come up to visit. She arrived Thursday and played with the kids, taking them to Best Buy to purchase a video player for our car so they would be entertained while I drove up to the Bay Area. She also went to Costco and bought diapers and toilet paper and some other necessities as well. She doesn’t do Christmas anymore, so she basically buys us things the month before in exchange (but it really just feels like Christmas a month early!).

Before I left on Friday afternoon, she told me she was going to clean my house for me while I was gone. I was so happy because my house was messy from a long week and there’s nothing I hate more than coming home after a trip to a filthy house (well, there are things I hate more, like Nazis and mice, but you get the point).

And when we came in the door late last night, we were so tired, we basically threw our luggage on the living room floor and went to bed.

When I awoke, however, and walked through my house, I noticed just how much she did.

She cleaned the floors, washed all the dishes and put them away, did laundry, washed sheets and made beds, cleaned the bathroom until it sparkled, and dusted.

But she also:

Replaced all my burnt out light bulbs (and there were quite a few).

Cleaned BEHIND my washer and dryer.

Stocked my fridge with food.

Bought a COOL rug for the living room.

Carpet cleaned the upstairs and stairs.

Put out some Christmas decorations (yes, a little odd given it’s only November 13th, but Luke LOVED it).

Swept and cleaned my front and back entrance.

Organized my closets and cabinets.

Put a stained glass screen thingy on the downstairs windows (we’re still getting used to this and deciding if we’ll keep it).


I can’t believe how much she did. She must have worked for hours and hours. Words cannot express how thankful I am to have such a clean and organized house. I’m a clean person and I like a clean house, but in the thick of a quarter, when my focus shifts primarily toward grading and the kids, all my house chores slip to the wayside. Having a really, really clean house right now gives me the sense of peace I usually don’t have when I’m stepping over food crumbs and dirty laundry.

This cleaning was the best Christmas present I could ever have received and I’m incredibly thankful for my Aunt Linda. She really is amazing!



2 Responses to “a cleaning spree all for me!”

  1. Cat Says:

    Linda IS amazing and incredibly generous too!

  2. Denise Says:

    That is simply amazing….did you cry??? I would have….what a generous woman, knows exactly what you want and what would matter the most to you. Love you and miss you!!!

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