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grading marathon November 29, 2010

Filed under: work — courtsbrogno @ 7:30 pm

This past weekend was a grading marathon. I finished grading for four classes; all essays and assignments are graded and back to students.*

I feel like this was an Olympic event, and yet, with all the fun I didn’t have this weekend, I feel like I only got a bronze metal.

Gold metal in finishing a whole lot of stuff. Bronze at having a life. Or wait, maybe I didn’t even place. Yeah, I probably didn’t even place.

I’m still thankful I’m done.** It’s nice to see my desk again.

*I still have 2 more class’s essays to grade this week. boo.

**I have yet to find one class’s revised essays. I really think they’re lost. I’ve honestly looked everywhere! So BUMMED!


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