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i’m just not stong enough December 4, 2010

Filed under: friends — courtsbrogno @ 7:02 pm

This morning, Maddie and I went to her school’s Christmas tree lot. I’ve never bought a Christmas tree from her school as we have an 11 year tradition of getting our tree at another lot, but I decided this year to forgo our tradition and support her school (karma kicker: support school and hopefully tuition will not increase).

While the school lot has a rather small selection, the trees they had were nice looking and fresh. Unfortunately, however, the parents volunteering didn’t really have Christmas tree lot experience, and I’m pretty sure they were cursing their wives for signing them up.

Their inexperience showed when I asked them to put our chosen tree in the stand I had brought with me (I was not about to buy their $20 tree stand!). But they couldn’t do it because they didn’t have a hammer (really, you don’t have a hammer???).

God bless them for volunteering, but they weren’t much help.

Thankfully, I had already asked my friend and Maddie’s best friend’s dad, Ryan, to help us take home our tree in his truck, so he offered to help me put on the stand once we got the tree home.

So in addition to taking my tree home for us, he then proceeded to hammer and hammer and hammer my stand in. And I didn’t get a small tree: nope, every year we get a huge, 7-8 foot tree because I LOVE CHRISTMAS. Which meant that Ryan had to head home to get his sledge-hammer–my piddly little hammer just wasn’t strong enough.

I tried to help, really, I did. But I realized that just like my little hammer, I’m not strong enough either. And when we carried the tree in together, with me only holding up the smaller end, I was even more grateful to have Ryan’s help.

Without Ryan our tree would still be in the yard instead of standing brilliantly in our house (albeit a little crooked). I’m so fortunate to have Ryan as a friend and his very patient help.




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