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decorating for christmas, part 2 December 5, 2010

Filed under: family fun — courtsbrogno @ 8:52 pm

In between grading, cleaning, taking Maddie to two play performances, and running a few errands–all while enjoying the rain–we found time to decorate the Christmas tree as a family.

(Luke helping to position the lights more accurately)


(Luke attempting to put on the decorations. It took him forever!)


(Both kids decorating so nicely together)


(Luke taking a break)


(The finished product)


It feels like we’re running from place to place lately and I honestly feel like all I do is work. It’s the end of the quarter, so a lot of work is expected, and any time Maddie’s in a play, life gets rather crazy, but geez….I’m dreaming of some long days spent with just the kids and nothing to do but playing and relaxing. Until that day comes, however, I’m super thankful we were able to squeeze in time to decorate. We even ate dinner as a family!



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