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exhausted but clean December 7, 2010

Filed under: work — courtsbrogno @ 8:19 pm

You know those days when you are so exhausted and you come home and the house is a mess and you just want to forget the entire day and crawl into your cluttered bed and fall asleep.

Yeah, that person was me today.

If my day could get any longer, it would actually be Friday already (I don’t know if that even makes sense). Even though I didn’t start teaching until noon, I spent the whole morning frantically grading essays to return to my community college students today. By the time I actually got to school to teach, I was already exhausted. Then, I swear, my students were all one big disappointment. Lame excuses, unfinished assignments, uncertainty about a final essay we’ve been working on for a month! I almost lost it on these students. How can they have journeyed 17 weeks through writing instruction to come to this point? And I get it: it’s the end of the semester and they’re tired too, but seriously? Come on.

After teaching I rushed over to the university to hold office hours from 4:00-6:00. I was met with a line of students waiting, most with half-finished crap essays, for my help. So for two solid hours I talked, coached, and even made one student cry (kind of a bonus considering the day. No, I’m just kidding. But really, she did cry.).

Here is a perfect example of my day:

By the time I got home, I was incredibly frustrated. Then to add to everything, my house was a complete mess. I thought about just climbing into bed, but instead, I pulled off my boots and started cleaning. Two hours later, my house is clean, and I’m relaxing and watching Glee with Maddie.

I’m thankful I didn’t just crawl into bed. If I had woken to a dirty house tomorrow morning, my frustration would probably have confounded into complete anxiety and even anger. And I really feel like I worked out some of my aggression as I scrubbed the bathroom clean.


One Response to “exhausted but clean”

  1. Slamdunk Says:

    Sounds like a challenging day. I hope the students can complete their end of the bargain before the semester ends.

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