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the good and bad of it all December 8, 2010

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  • My students have lost their minds. Observe a conversation I had with a student today (Note: She was first in line of about 15 students waiting to see me):

Me: Good morning student. How’s the essay? Did you make any progress since we last talked (Note: I saw her 3 days ago and we went over her essay for about 30 minutes)

Student: Hey. Yeah. Not really. Could you look at my essay again and go over what needs to be changed?

Me: Ummm…I did that 3 days ago????

Student: yeah, I know. But I forgot what you said.

Me: Are you serious?

  • My kids have lost their minds. Letters written to Santa today:

Dear Santa,

For Christmas I would like an iPod Touch. I know you won’t get me one so don’t get me anything.



**I think she won’t be getting anything at all for a letter like that.

Dear Santa,


I would like a pie for Christmas.




**Really, a pie, Luke? Cause I could have sworn you said you wanted a bike for the past month and now you change your mind? Guess what? You’re getting a bike. Not a pie.


  • Taking Luke and Maddie to see Santa. While Maddie refused to sit on Santa’s lap, Luke did and looked completely confused:

  • Watching the lighting of the menorah. Today is the last day of Hanukkah and we accompanied my sister and her family (whose husband is Jewish) to watch the lighting of the last candle. It was beautiful.

  • Making a new dinner for the family and the kids loved it! It was Naan pizzas with broccoli pesto, roasted red peppers, and sausage and arugula salad (recipe from this months Sunset magazine). Divine. But eating a healthy dinner with the kids: even better.


I’m thankful the GOOD outweighed the BAD!


2 Responses to “the good and bad of it all”

  1. GEW Says:

    Has Santa already gotten Luke’s bike? Cause I have one that he could have. It’s blue and it’s in good shape!

    You kids ate that pizza? You are amazing. Or they are amazing. Either way, props.

  2. Denise Says:

    I miss your dinners, that looks sooo good! Justice wants an ipod touch too?? What the heck is up with these kids, he can’t even remember to tie his shoes let alone be responsible for a $250 dollar ipod! These kids are crazy.

    I need to take Natalie to see Santa…that picture of Luke is classic.

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