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girl’s got stage presence December 10, 2010

Filed under: kids — courtsbrogno @ 9:38 pm

I finally made it to watch Maddie’s performance in her school play, Cinderella.

This is the second weekend of the play, but since my parents went to opening night and my sister went to a Sunday performance, I decided to go to tonight’s performance so Maddie would have family at several performances instead of all of us at one performance.

What can I say? They’re certainly no glee club (and that’s being kind).

Cinderella was a dual performance between the high school and the elementary/junior high. Really, all the big parts went to the high schoolers and Maddie was only on stage for about 5 minutes. I have to say that for all the practicing she did, I’m a little shocked that her part was so small (she’s been in practice everyday after school from 3-6p.m. for about 2 weeks now). But she loves it, and today I found out why:

It seems that Maddie enjoyed the play and practice because she could play on her friend’s iTouch for hours on end. Hmmmmm…I think we’ll pass on anymore plays until she’s old enough to have a bigger part. I’m not so sure that playing with an iTouch is worthy of all the time away from home and homework.

But, as small as Maddie’s part was, she played it really well. I don’t know where she gets it from, but she’s got some serious stage presence. I watch her on stage and am truly amazed at how well she holds herself. Maybe she’ll have a career on Broadway or perhaps she’ll become an actress (God, I hope not), but whatever she becomes, I have no doubt that she’ll do it beautifully and for the little glimpses into her psyche and soul I get from watching her ooze self-confidence in front of a large audience, I am incredibly thankful.

But she’s still not getting an iTouch.



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